What We Do

SugaRecycle are in the business of making more money for our customers through innovative, bespoke total waste management.


Many businesses are not aware of the value that their ‘waste’ can have. SugaRecycle believe that this should not be the case and so, with the waste hierarchy as our guide we aim to steer as much of our customers ‘waste’ into the reuse and recycle zones. In so doing we improve the value of the material and create a new ‘resource’ for the business thereafter.


The secret behind maximising the value of waste lies in how a business presents the material. SugaRecycle will advise on the best equipment to optimise segregation and preparation and will also organise the onward logistics to the correct destination.


No two customers are the same that’s why our philosophy of entering into partnership with our customers, to understand their aspirations and limitations, sets us apart from other waste management companies. Our team of account managers and our professional customer service team give you all the support you need to reach your goals; both environmentally and financially.


Our customer engagement process is simple:

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