SugaRich is the UK leader in the recycling of surplus food products and has extensive experience in formulating quality feeds for the livestock industry.


SugaRich now incorporates the businesses of Factory Services UK Limited, Tramar D&M Limited, AB Nutrition Limited and Acorn Feeds Limited and has been at the forefront of the Surplus Food Industry for well over 50 years. The SugaRich team boasts nearly 150 years of combined experience in the Animal Feed, Soft Agricultural Commodity trading and the Surplus Food Recycling markets.


SugaRich have been working with the UK's largest food manufacturers, supermarkets and distributors at a national level for over 50 years. Successfully servicing brands such as Walkers PepsiCo, Mars Confectionary, Sainsbury's, McVities, Premier Foods and many many more. SugaRich service 180 different customer locations from it's 12 sites nationally using its class leading, owner operated articulated fleet of over 50 vehicles. The largest of its type in the UK.


Surplus Foods - SugaRich design and build tailor made surplus food handling installations to suit each individual factory. Maximising the recovery of surplus food and by-products for use as animal feed SugaRich offer a viable, sustainable and economically beneficial solution to all major food businesses diverting over 300,000 tonnes per annum from traditional waste disposal routes.

Animal Feed - SugaRich manufacture a high energy raw material ingredient for use by farmers and feed compounders nationally. Using computer generated formulations, SugaRich use the recovered surplus food product to produce a feed material to exact customer specifications.

Soft Agricultural Commodity Trading - SugaRich, through it's subsidiary AB Nutrition trades all manner of soft commodities including wheatfeed, soya, rapemeal and more. Trading over 250,000 tonnes per year gives AB Nutrition not only economies of scale but also leverage to ensure that it always sources the best market price for its customers. With an in-house team of Nutritionists, AB Nutrition specialises in supplying specifically formulated feeds, commodities and diets to farmers and compounders throughout the UK and Ireland.

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