SugaRecycle are Food Recycling Specialists.  Our core business is in working with all levels of the food industry supply chain, to find cost effective solutions to the collection and recovery of unwanted food.

As a part of the SugaRich Group, we have all the capability of the UKs largest Food to Animal Feed business.   

Through many successful years of providing Total Waste Management to the Nations largest food factories, SugaRecycle has the expertise to identify where the financial opportunities are within your waste streams and return the best value to you. 

We can handle all types of waste.


• Food and Drinks (Packaged and Un-Packaged)
• Oil (Vegetable and Mineral)
• Cardboard
• Plastics 
• Metals
• Hazardous Wastes
• Effluent Wastes


Working with some of the largest reprocessors within the UK, SugaRecycle have a local solution for your recycling requirements nationally.

Recycling Video

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