Food and Beverage Disposal

SugaRecycle has significant expertise in the disposal of waste food and beverages.  We will economically and efficiently dispose of your waste products and it doesn't matter how much there is, how they are packaged or presented.

SugaRecycle will make sure that the product is destroyed, removing any chance of brand or manufacturer recognition.  SugaRecycle will also strive to Recycle and Recover as much from your waste as possible.  If possible we will use the recovered food or drink as an animal feed.  If this is not possible we will find the most economical end disposal available to keep cost down.

SugaRecycle has handled highly sensitive products and provided a completely bespoke secure destruction process from:

1. Product collection at customers own facility

2. Transport to secure, gated compound

3. Mechanical destruction 

4. Recovery of recyclable plastic and card packaging

5. Recovery of energy via Anaerobic Digestion of organic material


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