Cardboard and Plastics

Food and drinks manufacture results in a huge amount of cardboard and plastics. Cardboard is one of the great success stories where recycling is concerned and although the global trade in cardboard has changed significantly in recent years, it remains to this day a valuable commodity. Plastics have been much maligned in recent years, and in many cases rightly so, however, within food and drinks manufacture they still have a very important part to play, and will do for some time.

SugaRecycle are here to help your business get the most value from these recyclable commodities. The process usually starts with an audit, to get a close look on the quality of your current outputs and to then advise you of how to potentially recover more quality material. Educating staff on the correct segregation is often the key to success, coupled with the right tools, such as compaction equipment and colour-coded bins. Our experts will provide the help you need to greatly improve your recycling percentage and bring the cost of managing your waste closer to zero.

Wherever you are in the country, we want to help you maximise the recycling potential of your business.

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