Food and Beverage Disposal

SugaRecycle has a sole focus on providing waste services to the food and drink industry. Our business is strongly linked with the animal feed industry, due to our association with SugaRich, and we will endeavour to use our knowledge and skill to safely recover former food and drink into high quality animal feeds.  There are obvious limitations as to what can be recovered into animal feed; which is why we work very closely with alternative disposal facilities that will recover energy and fertilizer from waste food and drink.

Our services are national and we have experience of handling food and beverages at every stage of production, from packaged ingredients to finished packaged products.

If you have food or drink for disposal, either as a one-off or ongoing supply, anywhere in the country, we can help you. SugaRecycle will make sure that:

  1. The product is destroyed, removing any chance of brand or manufacturer recognition.  

  2. We will recycle and recover as much from your waste as possible. 

  3. Your Duty of Care obligations will be met.



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