Effluent and Liquid Wastes

Effluent and liquid wastes can be a huge financial burden on food and drink production. The cleanliness of a food production area is of paramount importance to the quality and safety of the finished product. This cleanliness produces a lot of liquid waste that cannot be simply washed down the drain.  This is where SugaRecycle can help.

As with all other aspects of waste management, SugaRecycle will not simply look at the easiest or quickest solution, but will seek to drastically reduce your cost by:

  1. Analysis of the liquid waste to understand the gas potential of the product

    • This will give us a true 'value' for the liquid ​

  2. Analysis of the process that produced the waste

    • This helps us advise on whether small changes to ​processes could have a large effect on the cost of removing waste

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