As a producer of waste, you have defined environmental and legal obligations that must be met, controlled and effectively managed. SugaRecycle cannot absolve you from this responsibility; however, our dedicated and highly experienced team are able to provide on-going support and advice on all compliance matters, as well as keeping you updated on regulatory changes that may impact on how your waste is treated.


SugaRecycle ensures that it will only ever use fully compliant and licensed facilities so you can be 100% confident that your duty of care obligations are always met.


As a Total Waste Management customer you will have access to your own dedicated client login area. Here you will  find the complete compliance documentation pack for all services and providers used to facilitate your Total Waste Management. This pack would typically include; Waste Carriers Licenses, Annual Waste Transfer Notes, Waste Management Licenses, Exemption Certificates and all other required documentation.


Compliance Video

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