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Specialists in recycling unwanted Food to high quality animal Feed.


SugaRecycle can work with you to reduce the amount of waste you create. At the peak of the recycling pyramid, this is the key first step to your Total Resource Management.


Our goal is to help you identify opportunities to rescue your resources in inovative and practical ways.


For those resources that can not be reused, we will identify the best and most cost effective recycling solution in line with your corporate requirements.


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New Website

We are pleased to announce that the SugaRecycle website has now been relaunched with a new look and feel.

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'My worst nightmares are coming true': last major primeval forest in Europe on 'brink of collapse'

Polish government is accused of pushing Białowieża forest ecosystem to point of no return with state-sanctioned logging in Unesco world heritage site

Scientists and...

23/05/2017   Read More

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We replace the word 'Waste' with the word 'Resource,' the reason being that we are Zero landfill. We find reuse for 100% of all the resource we collect.

To Reuse

Cardboard is made from cellulose fibres that are created from wood pulp. To reverse this process, for the purpose of recycling, to release the fibres which can then be pulped.

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